01. Opening hours of the reception

The reception is open every day from 1 pm to 7 pm

02. Arriving and departure time

Arrival time for our rooms at the inn is between 3 h pm and 7 h pm - Departure time is for 12 h pm.

> Arrival time for our Cottages is between 5 h pm and 7 h pm - Departure time is for 11 h am. * Special arrangements are always possible on request only *

03. Internet

Wireless in available in all our rooms at La Belle Victorian and also in all our Hebergia cottages

04. Supplies included in our cottages

Complete bedding (1 set per bed) - Towels (1 large and 1 small per person) - dish towels and rags - garbage bag - soap for the dishwasher - Soap for washing dishes by hand - Fully equipped kitchen (stove, fridge, dishwasher, microwave) - full dinning sets – Fondue set - filter for the coffee machine- kettle – Mixer - placemat and / or plastic tablecloth - Hair Dryer – 2 adults vest

05. Supplies that is not included in our cottages

Toilet paper -Tissue – Paper towel (Scott towel) - Wood for the outdoor fireplace - Bathrobes – Detergent – Body soap

06. Breakfast

> A refined full breakfast is served to all our guests at the inn. Directly in our dining room served with our freshly brewed coffee

07. Spas

> The belle Victorian Inn offers two spas and all of our ChicChalet cottages have its own private spa functional year round

08. Lost and found items

> We are not responsible for the lost or forgotten items. But if we do find any of the items, we will keep them for an approximately two weeks upon receipt. You can either pick them up at The belle Victorian Inn or send us a pre-postage envelope and we will mail it back to you