We are committed to ensuring your safety and health

For almost 20 years, our loyal customers have relied on us to ensure their health and comfort. We have been setting new benchmarks for excellence for a long time, and the current situation is no exception. In this unprecedented historic period, we remain deeply committed to the well-being of all. Today, we are helping to slow down the transmission of COVID-19 to protect you, by raising our standards. And while it is impossible to know what the future holds, rest assured that we are looking straight ahead, keeping an eye on both the COVID-19 pandemic and what will come next.



The arrival is perfectly and completely autonomous, you have access to the interior of the hostel by an external number lock.

We have made an access adjustment to promote physical distance. A maximum of 3 rooms have access to the hostel through the same door, and some have direct access. Posters have been installed to ensure that guests have minimal travel to the hostel.

You will find dispensers for hand sanitizers at each entrance.


Public areas

The living room and dining room will not be accessible at this time.

Wearing a mask is compulsory in indoor public areas.



We removed from the room all the trinkets, decorative cushions, brochures and printed magazines.

The additional covers are inserted in plastic pockets.

Plastic glasses and disposable cardboard cups have replaced the usual glasses.

The bathrobes or towel for the spa had to be removed.

All bedding, including the duvet, is washed with very hot water between each reservation.



We have set up a 5-hour “rest” period between clients’ stays, including room ventilation, cleaning and disinfection. To this end, the arrival and departure times have been temporarily changed. Arrival 4 p.m. and departure 11 a.m.

No housekeeping service is done for stays of 3 days or less.

We pay particular attention to disinfecting the contact points. Switch, door handles, remote control, etc.

The employees all received a cleaning and disinfection protocol and signed a letter of commitment to respect them.


Spa and gardens

We positioned the outdoor furniture in islands to maintain a physical distance.

Daily disinfection of the outdoor furniture has been implemented.

A hand sanitizer dispenser has been placed in the hallway near the spa, along with sanitizer and paper towels.


Cancellation policy

The usual cancellation policy applies, unless a new specific government ban prevents you from enjoying your stay, then it will be possible to postpone your reservation without charge for the equivalent period in 2021 or obtain a credit note for a stay in the following 12 months.


How to make this request?

Contact us by email at giving us the details of your request. And we will send you either a new confirmation or a credit note depending on the option chosen.